Allambee Counselling

Who are we?
Allambee Counselling
Allambee Counselling Inc is a trauma specialist service providing therapeutic support for people who have experienced sexual assault/abuse, or domestic violence in the Peel region. Allambee supports individuals/families in a trauma-informed, client directed, strengths-based and recovery-oriented way. Allambee provides case management, support, referrals and diversional activities through StreetNet Youth Service. Allambee chairs the Peel says no to Violence (PSNTV) Alliance and has partnered with PSNTV in the Building Healthy Relationships in Peel (BHRP) project since 2020.
What are we doing?

Building Healthy Relationships in Peel (BHRP)

BHRP provides school-based primary prevention programs in a whole of school approach that includes specialist respectful relationships education (RRE) programs for secondary schools.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Thriving children
Domestic & family violence
Other Areas
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