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Who are we?
This blended finance partnership is monumental for ASA and the work-integrated social enterprise sector. It shows that with some tailored support, social enterprises like ASA can mature past the grant cycle and create systemic impact over the long term. The capital will allow ASA to scale its impact across the nation. It will facilitate the employment of more than 100 young autistic and neurodiverse adults across five locations and support alternative career pathways into industries with critical skills shortages. ASA is proud to be a case study for this innovative approach.
Geoff Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Spatial Analytics
Australian Spatial Analytics
Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing work-integrated social enterprises. Since 2020, ASA has helped create geospatial and digital engineering careers for more than 150 young neurodivergent adults. Their work helps to solve Australia’s skills shortages and data sovereignty concerns while harnessing an untapped source of highly talented and motivated people who perform essential work that otherwise occurs offshore. ASA also creates enduring social impact for young neurodivergent adults who face a 34% unemployment rate by providing stable and meaningful work— improving their confidence, resilience and well-being.
What are we doing?

How do we enable young neurodivergent adults to enter careers in the Geospatial and Engineering professions who face significant barriers to employment?

ASA: National Scale-up Grant and Impact Investment

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued so they can reach their full potential. We take a human-centred approach, understanding and leveraging each individual’s strengths, interests and needs. Our goal is to upskill our people and transition them to our partner clients, enabling their teams to harness neurodivergent strengths through support and training.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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