Beyond Blue

Who are we?
It saved my life basically…It was very beneficial to me. I haven’t had a drink in eight months. I still get depressed, but I know how to get out of it now.
Participant of The Way Back Support Service, Newcastle
Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue is a leading mental health organisation that supports people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. Its purpose is to provide the community with the best available mental health and suicide prevention support, with a vision that all people in Australia achieve their best possible mental health.
What are we doing?

How can we enhance the capacity and effectiveness of non-clinical staff to provide personalised, best-practice and evidence-based support through the Way Back Support Service for people recovering from suicide?

Beyond Blue - The Way Back Support Service

The Training Package and Portal will build staff competency and knowledge, create a blueprint for best-practice, improve data quality, and help to establish a Community of Practice to encourage knowledge sharing.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Mental health
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