Who are we?
At Brave, we draw inspiration from the tenacious young parents we work with daily, as they continue to hold high hopes, aspirations, and dreams for their family’s future.
The Brave Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that aims to build a village of support and acceptance around expecting and parenting teens. Brave equips young parents with resources, referral, and education opportunities to help create happy, healthy and skilled families, and reduce the intergenerational risks usually associated with teenage pregnancy.
What are we doing?

What’s the best way to help expectant and parenting young people set goals to address barriers to achieving successful and meaningful lives, and provide the best start for their children?

BRAVE - Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens

Brave is working with governments through its systemic advocacy work, with a vision to make a complex social services system simple, intervening before disadvantage takes hold.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Thriving children
Other Areas
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