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Who are we?
The mass overincarceration of First Nations peoples is one of the biggest human rights issues we face today. I urge all Australians to watch this film.
June Oscar AO, on the documentary Incarceration Nation
Documentary Australia
Documentary Australia aims to advance awareness and inspire collective action on important issues to drive social change. It supports independent documentary filmmakers, activists and educators on the forefront of social change to work together, amplifying the impact of their works.
What are we doing?

How can we raise awareness of the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian prisons to drive support for social and policy reform?

Documentary Australia - Incarceration Nation

Through lived-experience storytelling in the documentary Incarceration Nation. Directed by an Aboriginal filmmaker, it highlights the harms caused by current justice systems. It exposes economic & social costs and inspires funding for diversionary & rehabilitation programs.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
First Nations populations
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