Engender Equality

Who are we?
Engender Equality
Engender Equality is a specialist DFV service employing professional DFV experts to work in a therapeutic model with victim-survivors in Tasmania. Engender Equality offers an integrated, dedicated service, providing individualised care and support to women, gender diverse and non-binary people, as needed over their lifespan. Our work is supported by our lived-experience program, Advocates for Change.
What are we doing?

Family Violence Counselling

Engender is a small, sophisticated service supporting those affected by family violence to recover and integrate the impacts of harmful relationships on their lives. We deliver customised interventions that are tailored to address trauma, mental health impacts, and legal challenges within a framework of individual and feminist-based empowerment. This approach restores our client's connection, emotional regulation and self-esteem which is often annihilated by family violence. This grant will enable the extension of our phone/video counselling capacity to provide more timely service to people who would otherwise be waiting a minimum of 8 months to talk to one of our counsellors.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Justice & safety
Domestic & family violence
Other Areas
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