Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

Who are we?
The FISH Myalup Karla Waangkiny Healing & Justice Initiative is by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people. If we want to truly bring change and break the cycle of intergenerational engagement in the justice system for Aboriginal people then Aboriginal people have to be listened to as we have the answers for our people. It is great to be working with the Paul Ramsay Foundation on this project that is a national prototype of how to do co-design properly with us and how to bring structural reform to our justice system for Aboriginal people.
Liza Fraser-Gooda, Co-Chair FISH Board of Directors
Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health
The Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) was established in 2010 to address housing crises in Indigenous Australian communities. FISH focuses on healing spiritual, cultural, familial, and social connections, and the connection to land (Country) to create healthy individuals, families, communities, and land. FISH's national programs tackle intergenerational trauma, poverty, and justice system engagement by addressing socioeconomic determinants through providing opportunities for education, housing, employment, creative and cultural engagement. The ultimate vision is to empower First Nations people to be confident, connected, healthy, with equal opportunities, and valued as positive contributors who lead in caring for each other and for Country.
What are we doing?

FISH Myalup Karla Waangkiny Healing & Justice Initiative

The FISH Myalup Karla Waangkiny Healing & Justice Initiative aims to help First Nations people aged 16-35 break intergenerational cycles of trauma cycles and avoid justice system (re)engagement while contributing positively towards society. Co-designed with First Nations community representatives and Elders, the initiative will provide a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed and evidence based residential program and transitionary support, promoting holistic well-being and behaviour change, with an emphasis on cultural healing. The initiative facilitates sustainable pathways into education, employment, and housing through individual and group approaches. This grant supports further co-design, comprehensive operational planning and service modelling, program development, and the transition to service delivery.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
First Nations populations
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