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Who are we?
Transformation requires seeing incarcerated mothers as part of complex ecological systems, both supported and challenged by their families, communities, social policies and systems.
Professor Susan Dennison, Griffith Criminology Institute
Griffith University, Griffith Criminology Institute
Griffith Criminology Institute is a group of scholars focused on crime and justice issues, whose collaborative and innovative research finds solutions to universal problems. By focusing on rigorous scholarship and engaged translation the institute achieves real world change.
What are we doing?

Recognising mothers in prison are some of the most vulnerable in society, how can we improve outcomes for them and their children and reduce intergenerational cycles of disadvantage?

Griffith University, Griffith Criminology Institute - Transforming Corrections to Transform Lives

This project aims to create conditions for families to thrive, and to demonstrate a more effective and sustainable model of service provision.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
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