Who are we?
We know Jigsaw empowers people with disability with real world training, skill building, work experience and a placement into mainstream employment. It works!
Paul Brown, CEO
Jigsaw aims to create an Australia in which people with disability are fully included in the workforce. It provides training, paid work experience and transitional pathways to mainstream employment for people with disability to give them a real, lasting sense of place and purpose in the workforce and the opportunity to be themselves.
What are we doing?

How can we collaborate to reduce the high levels of negative interactions with the criminal justice system including high incarceration rates, among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, using a place-based approach with communities leading the solution?

Jigsaw - Jigsaw

Providing capital to support the expansion of Jigsaw hubs, from Sydney and Brisbane into Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. Providing funding to test Jigsaw Connect, which gives employers access to job-ready candidates, and to help Jigsaw become financially sustainable.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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