Kids Under Cover

Who are we?
This investment in our program will enable us to demonstrate the impact of a new housing approach to achieve brighter futures for young people at risk of becoming entrenched in the justice system.
Stephen Nash, CEO Kids Under Cover
Kids Under Cover
Kids Under Cover believe that addressing the risk of homelessness starts with secure and stable accommodation. Our programs provide life-changing relief for young people and families in crisis, living in overcrowded homes, on the verge of breaking apart and struggling to provide spaces where young people can thrive and complete their education. Our work prevents young people becoming homeless, entering the Justice system or Out of Home Care, while also ensuring better transitions and reunifications with family and community.
What are we doing?

Housing solutions for young people exiting or at risk of entering Youth Justice

This program will see young people at risk of/in contact with Youth Justice benefit from a rapidly deployed accommodation solution, enabling conflict de-escalation and keeping young people in place. It will pilot 12 purpose built rapid response mobile pods; safe, secure, high quality and effective accommodation for young people at imminent risk of Youth Justice involvement, detention and/or homelessness, alongside case planning and management support to build capacity. Each pod may be re-deployed multiple times per year when no longer required, thus assisting up to 3 young people per year avoid homelessness and justice involvement.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
Housing & homelessness
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