KRED Enterprises Charitable Trust

Who are we?
This support will allow us to include the crucial family support component to our Marlamanu program. We wish to express our sincere thanks to the Foundation for their support which will go a long way in supporting the growth of our young Aboriginal men into future community leaders and role models.
Damien Parriman, CEO KRED Enterprises
KRED Enterprises Charitable Trust
KRED Enterprises Charitable Trust, is an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise with an 11-year history of successful delivery of commercial and community endeavours. KRED sits under the management structure of the Ambooriny Burru Charitable Foundation. The foundation is managed by elders from eight Native Title Groups from the Kimberley. The work of KRED Enterprises and the Ambooriny Burru Foundation is directed by the priorities of our members, the Traditional Owners in the Kimberley. These priorities include education, economic development, traditional law and culture and land management.
What are we doing?

Marlamanu On-Country residential family healing program

Marlamanu is an Aboriginal-led response to address the cycle of Aboriginal youth offending in the Kimberley by offering an immersive, culturally safe on-Country diversion program for our at-risk young people. Marlamanu will transform the lives of at-risk Kimberley Aboriginal youth by supporting them to experience a life of purpose, accomplishment and connection centred on a working Aboriginal pastoral station. A separate family program, that operates alongside Marlamanu will support the young people through our program. The grant would support family and caregivers to visit, stay overnight and participate in cultural activities with their young men at Marlamanu. The families would be engaged prior to coming to site, supported (financially and logistically) to get to site, offered specialised activities on site, assisted to return to their home and provided with ongoing support when their young person returns to their community. The objective is to create a community/network of support for the young person and their family.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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