Kyabra Community Association Inc.

Who are we?
Kyabra is delighted to have this opportunity to trial new ways to help children and parents develop the resiliency that will enable them to buffer adversity and take advantage of opportunities.
Lori Rubenstein, President KCA
Kyabra Community Association Inc.
Kyabra offers services across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Kyabra’s teams provide services to individuals and families who are seeking support, including the impacts of housing instability and/or homelessness; disability; mental health concerns; domestic and family violence; and child safety concerns.
What are we doing?

Kyabra: Building back executive function

For some time, we have been incorporating trauma informed practice into our work. In the past few years we have been part of broader work looking at neuroscience and the impacts of adverse life experiences on the developing brain. We are particularly interested in how we might develop resources and interventions that understand these impacts and ways of building back Executive Function. For this project we want to be able to gather/develop resources, train front line staff, trial and test, refine and scale up. We are also hoping that this work can add value to current front line work and be easy to incorporate when working with children and families. An additional focus will be on intergenerational work.<br>

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Thriving children
Other Areas
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