Learning Creates Australia

Who are we?
Learning Creates' work has the potential to make the shift to a recognition system that more adequately represents what young people can do, and who they are.
Bill Lucas, Co-Founder, Rethinking Assessment Scientific Adviser to PSA 2022 Test of Creative Thinking
Learning Creates Australia
Australia is facing deeply entrenched and systemic educational challenges. Learning Creates is a diverse alliance of people and organisations creating innovative, evidence-based and practical solutions for a more fair, deep and wide learning system. Our vision is for all young people, particularly those experiencing disadvantage, to finish school with what they need to keep learning, working and exploring their future.
What are we doing?

Young people are facing increasingly difficult transitions from education to further work and study. As a whole, they know a lot more than we currently capture and profile, but the recognition methods and tools we use in senior secondary school do not reflect the current needs of recruiters and employers, or young people. Over the past 2 years, Learning Creates have convened more than 2,000 diverse young people, educators, parents, policy makers, First Nations communities, employers, academics and tertiary providers to align emerging practice, lead and contribute to new thinking and to build the trust and credibility needed to shift policy and practice across the Australian learning landscape.

Learning Creates Australia - The Learner's Journey

Learning Creates is developing a range of pathways that offer alternative forms of educational recognition for students who face disadvantage. Learning Creates engages an ecosystem of diverse stakeholders to design these alternative pathways, influence policy, and bring about system change.

Learning Creates Australia - Connecting Practice to Evidence

This next period of Learning Creates work will focus on building a robust evidence base and collective narrative that provides the missing link between how young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are recognised and the impact this has on their learning and employment pathways.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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