NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc.

Who are we?
Since our first meetings, the PRF have shown they are flexible to the needs of Aboriginal communities and that they value the true meaning of partnership and Aboriginal self-determination. We are happy the PRF has committed to supporting Aboriginal education and we are proud to be in partnership with the PRF.
Catherine Trindall, President NSW AECG
NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc.
The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. is the peak body for Aboriginal education in NSW. We are a not-for-profit Aboriginal community controlled organisation that provides advice on all matters relevant to education and training with the mandate that this advice represents the Aboriginal community viewpoint. The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. promotes respect, empowerment and self-determination and believes the process of collaborative consultation is integral to equal partnership and is fundamental to the achievement of equality. We also develop and deliver a wide range of Aboriginal education services and resources. The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. advocates cultural affirmation, integrity and the pursuit of equality to ensure that the unique and diverse identity of Aboriginal students is recognised and valued.
What are we doing?

How can we support the Aboriginal community-controlled education sector to lead on delivery of education initiatives?

Place of Learning program – Supporting the Aboriginal community-controlled education sector

Place of Learning' program’- The NSW AECG’s Place of Learning program provides alternative Aboriginal community led education opportunities. The first Place of Learning program, the Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya (NgY) program, was established at Lake Canobolas near Orange in 2021. The NgY program is governed by the Local Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations and is continuing to achieve remarkable attendance, cultural education and literacy and numeracy outcomes for the Aboriginal boys and young men who attend the program. The NSW AECG is working towards sustaining and expanding the Place of Learning program. <br><br>‘Supporting the Aboriginal community-controlled education sector’ - The NSW AECG will employ a network and early childhood education officer to support and strengthen the NSW AECG’s existing Network of Local AECGs and to contribute to building capacity for Aboriginal education in the Early Childhood Education sector.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Thriving children
First Nations populations
Other Areas
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