NT Legal Aid

Who are we?
NT Legal Aid
NT Legal Aid Commission (NT Legal Aid) is a statutory body established by the NT Government to provide legal information, education, advice and assistance to vulnerable people in the NT. NT Legal Aid has offices in 5 locations in the NT and also provides remote services to regional courts and outreach services to remote Aboriginal communities in the NT. NT Legal Aid works collaboratively with legal and related services in the NT and nationally, including through formal and informal partnership arrangements with legal and non-legal services.
What are we doing?

Legal Assistance, support and referral

NTLAC will scale up the capacity of its Respondent Early Assistance Legal Service and provide on the ground legal advice, duty lawyer assistance and integrated referral to Domestic and Person Violence Order respondents in the Katherine Local Court. We will place a lawyer on the ground in Katherine in the Regional Office and Local Court who would work closely with the NTLAC funded Mens Court Support delivered by Catholic Care NT (not legal assistance). They would work with NTLAC Community Legal Education team in increasing understanding of domestic violence in the community.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Justice & safety
Domestic & family violence
Other Areas
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