Open Support

Who are we?
This grant will go directly to the specialist Child Case Worker role that is pivotal to the success of the Child Wellbeing Program. We are delighted that we have support for the Program as we transition into our new DFV Centre and significantly scale-up our capacity for support.
Katie Viviers, CEO St Vincent's Clinic and Open Support
Open Support
Open Support is a community service organisation focused on addressing unmet social needs by providing compassionate support to the most vulnerable in our community. Operating since 1990, it provides services in three core areas within NSW: Reducing the impact of social isolation in the community through the Community Connections Program; Enabling improved access to healthcare for isolated people in regional and rural areas who need to come to Sydney for hospital and medical treatment; Reducing the impact of domestic and family violence (DFV) by providing crisis and transitional accommodation, case management and outreach support for women and children, particularly temporary visa holders.
What are we doing?

Open Support: Child Wellbeing Program

This program is designed to benefit children who have experienced domestic and family violence across Western Sydney. The mothers of the children in our program are predominantly from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and may be in Australia on temporary visas. The program’s aim is to support children to integrate trauma and move towards healing from a domestically violent household. ‍

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Thriving children
Domestic & family violence
Other Areas
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