Original Power

Who are we?
This project will develop a program to fast-track the transition to lower cost renewable energy for high priority public and Indigenous community housing residents, and support the range of social, cultural, employment, education and wellbeing benefits associated with access to affordable, clean, renewable energy.
Lauren Mellor, Clean Energy Communities Coordinator
Original Power
Original Power is a community-focused, Aboriginal organisation that builds the collective power of our people and backs our leadership, skills and capacity to genuinely achieve self-determination in our community and on country.
What are we doing?

Energy poverty is a serious concern in remote communities where cost-of-living pressures are high. Households in remote communities experience power disconnections at a significantly higher rate. Due to regulatory and policy barriers First Nations residents in these communities are inequitably locked-out of the direct financial benefits of either rooftop or centrally installed solar PV. With the ultimate goal of installing solar and providing community batteries for all households in remote communities in the NT, this project involves undertaking a scoping study to develop a step-wise solar rollout program for all social housing stock in the NT.

NT Solar Homes Program

By demonstrating a clear pathway through policy and regulatory barriers that prevent the installation of solar and battery solutions on social housing stock in the Northern Territory, which in addition to supporting energy security for residents, will support a range of other social, cultural, employment, educational and wellbeing benefits associated with access to affordable, clean, renewable energy.‍

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Communities & place
First Nations populations
Disaster response and resilience
Other Areas
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