Rainbow Lodge

Who are we?
The partnership with PRF has allowed Rainbow Lodge to create a program in partnership with First Nations owned and run organisations that is appropriately resourced and transparent. This gives us the flexibility to be innovative, responsive and culturally focused in our approach.
Claude Robinson, Manager
Rainbow Lodge
Rainbow Lodge has been supporting men to transition from a term of incarceration into the community since 1964.
What are we doing?

The partnership seeks to support the Walama List trial in the NSW District Court, to find solutions to the over representation of First Nations men in the criminal justice system, through an approach based within “Culture and Community”.

The Walama List Program

The Rainbow Lodge Walama List Program supports First Nations men who are eligible for their matter to be dealt with under the new Walama List in the NSW District Court. This innovative approach to dealing with First Nations offenders uses a community-led, holistic approach with an emphasis on cultural support and direction to find alternatives to incarceration and support long-term rehabilitation for the participants.<br><br>It includes court-based case conversations, that include the Judge, Elders and/or community members, DPP, defence lawyer, Community Corrections, and any supporting NGOs, all working together to support the client to meet their individual case plan goals.<br><br>The Rainbow Lodge Walama List Program looks to offer up to 12 weeks of accommodation and/or support with 24/7 staffing to First Nations men identified as appropriate for this alternative to Incarceration. The men will have access to cultural programs and activities aimed at re-connecting them to their culture as a way of supporting healing and addressing inter-generational trauma and loss of identity as a pathway to address their addiction and offending behaviours.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
First Nations populations
Other Areas
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