The Achieve Foundation

Who are we?
Our partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation will help provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability throughout Australia.
Kirsty Nowlan, Executive Director
The Achieve Foundation
The Achieve Foundation was established with a mission to accelerate efforts towards social inclusion of people with disability across Australia. Our major initiatives include changing community attitudes towards people with disability; open and meaningful employment for people with disability; and engaging the private sector – philanthropy, investors and corporates - in the movement for inclusion. Across all our work, we aim to drive change at scale and to honour the leadership and representation of people with disability in everything we do.
What are we doing?

We are developing a disability employment catalyst to provide more employment opportunities for people with disability within the human services sector throughout Australia.

Disability Employment Catalyst

The Disability Employment Catalyst (DEC) is a new intervention that promises to deliver change at scale for young people with disability. It has two elements – the employment of 100 young people with disability over two years across three disability service providers (Yooralla, Life Without Barriers and Achieve Australia) using a train and place model. An additional 200 people will be in training prior to securing employment. The second is the creation of a new For Purpose organisation led by people with disability to take the model to scale across human services and then into the general employment market.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
People living with disability
Other Areas
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