The Australian National University (ANU)

Who are we?
We aim to develop a deeper understanding to inform the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of data-driven systems that work to disrupt disadvantage.
Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell AO, Director ANU School of Cybernetics
The Australian National University (ANU)
The Australian National University (ANU) is a world-leading university with a unique vision: to support the development of national unity and identity, improve our understanding of ourselves and our neighbours, and provide Australia with research capacity amongst the best in the world, and education in areas vital for our future.
What are we doing?

How can we improve resilience, adapt to climate change and mitigate the impact of natural disasters?

The Australian National University (ANU) - Barry Sandison Fellowship, Cybernetics, Transforming Patterns of Social Mobility

Barry Sandison is investigating “the social determinants of everything” and the data that sits behind it. His work will help to understand how the policy environment can better respond to the way people engage with, and navigate, welfare services.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Disaster response and resilience
Other Areas
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