The GovLab

Who are we?
Unlike other data projects focused on data supply or data science expertise, we seek to radically improve the set of questions that, if answered, could transform the way we solve 21st-century problems.
Stefaan Verhulst, co-founder and chief research and development officer of The GovLab
The GovLab
The Governance Lab's mission is to improve people's lives by changing the way we govern. Our goal at The GovLab is to strengthen the ability of institutions — including but not limited to governments — and people to work more openly, collaboratively, effectively, and legitimately to make better decisions and solve public problems.
What are we doing?

The GovLab - 100 Questions – Stage Zero

The 100 Questions for Breaking Cycles of Disadvantage in Australia seeks to build both shared agendas through participatory processes and to prioritise where to start in order to unlock data a responsible manner.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
Impact Area
Disaster response and resilience
Other Areas
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