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Who are we?
We are thrilled to receive support from the Paul Ramsay Foundation for our new ConnectParent program. Parents are a child’s first and most important educator and this program will help build their capacity and confidence in the critical first 1000 days (from conception) of their child’s life. ConnectParent recognises that everyone needs someone in their corner, watching out for them, offering a helping hand. Our volunteer ‘connectors’ will help new parents give their child the best start to life.
Rosie Koop, Executive Officer, Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow Today Education Foundation
Tomorrow Today is Benalla’s independent community foundation. We connect people, resources and ideas to create a bright future for our great rural community. We believe everyone should have the chance to thrive - and that education is the answer. But reducing high levels of social and economic disadvantage cannot be achieved overnight. Since 2010 our Education Benalla Program has sought to build aspiration and improve the educational outcomes of Benalla’s children and young people. We also provide financial support to ensure equal access to educational and community activities.
What are we doing?

Tomorrow Today: ConnectParent

At Tomorrow Today we strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and that parents are a child’s first and most important educator. Over 80% of Benalla families with pre-school aged children attend our parenting education program which aims to ensure every child starts school ready to learn. Our new initiative called ConnectParent will provide additional support to families, starting before baby is born. It will match parents-to-be with a trained volunteer ‘community connector’ – a trusted other who will help them to access services and programs such as antenatal care and Maternal & Child Health. ‍

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