Teachers and Teaching Research Centre - University of Newcastle

Who are we?
My life’s work has been dedicated to improving educational outcomes with a focus on quality and equity. Thanks to the Paul Ramsay Foundation we have been able to expand our evidence base and provide Quality Teaching Rounds professional development for thousands of schools across Australia.
Laureate Professor Jenny Gore
Teachers and Teaching Research Centre - University of Newcastle
Established in 2013 and led by Laureate Professor Jenny Gore, the University of Newcastle’s Teachers and Teaching Research Centre (TTRC) is renowned for rigorous, large scale, impactful research. The TTRC aims to improve teaching and learning with a focus on achieving equitable outcomes through research addressing pedagogical reform, teacher development, school leadership, aspirations, equity, and STEM education.
What are we doing?

The TTRC’s partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation seeks to build capacity for quality teaching and enrich student learning through evidence-backed professional development.

TTRC - Building Capacity for Quality Teaching in Australian schools

The Paul Ramsay Foundation supported four large scale randomised control trials (RCTs) evaluating the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) professional development on student and teacher outcomes, as well as a series of smaller studies.  In addition to investigating teacher and student outcomes, the partnership has a strong focus on equity.In 2020 the TTRC launched its social enterprise, the Quality Teaching Academy, realising a long-term vision for making QTR widely accessible for teachers across Australia.The QT Academy delivers powerful professional development, advocates for the teaching profession and connects educators through a shared vision of quality teaching.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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