Village Response Collective

Who are we?
The value of the grant is not just measured in the amount of the funding; but the legacy of change it will bring to the Pasifika community and families.
Dr Marion Muliaumaseali’i - Programme design and Project Lead
Village Response Collective
The Village Response Collective Inc. (VRC) is led by Executive Founding Director Dr Marion Muliaumaseali’i, the architect of the Village Response Plan and Reintegration Pathway which were the catalysts for the formation of the association. The Village Response Collective was inaugurated alongside founding members and Pasifika professionals, Lesā Debra Leauanae-Wally, Wiki Taurua, Rita Seumanuafa-Palala and Talei Richards.VRC seeks to bridge the health, housing, employment, education and social inequities found in the low socio-economic positions of Pasifika in Victoria; through advocacy, policy change and recognition of Pasifika communities as positive contributors to society.
What are we doing?

R.I.T.E of Passage for Pasifika Youth and Families

The Village Response Collectives’ RITE of Passage mentoring is tailored to meet the holistic needs of male Pasifika (Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian) youth or adults released from custody and are being reintegrated back to community. R.I.T.E is an acronym for Reintegration into Transformative Evolution and is evidenced based and designed from the findings of the Reintegration Pathway (2021). The Just Futures grant enables VRC to collaborate with Pasifika and Maori community-based organisations (CBO) who are doing impactful work but do not have the structure or resources to qualify for substantial funds. The VRC are excited to collaborate with Joe Laga'ai'a of The Catalyst House and Gary Harding of Tu Tane Cultural Consultants.

What are the impact areas we aim to work within?
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Justice & safety
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